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Farm to Fork Strategy

In 2020, the European Commission presented the "Farm to Fork" strategy to member states.

Framed at the heart of the European Green Deal, this strategy aims to make food systems fairer, healthier, and greener by accelerating the transition to a sustainable food system that should:

  • have a neutral or positive environmental impact.
  • help mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts.
  • reverse biodiversity loss.
  • guarantee food security, nutrition, and public health by ensuring that all people have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious, and sustainable food.
  • preserve food affordability while generating fairer economic returns, fostering the competitiveness of the EU supply sector, and promoting fair trade.

As a stakeholder in this sector and supporting farmers and food production, at ASCENZA we are committed to our role in the European Commission's ambitions to continuously find sustainable solutions. Due to this we also want to provide you with more information on what and where Farm to Fork is driving us.

Farm to Fork Videos

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