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ASCENZA new brand campaign claims  ‘We do it, because we care’

ASCENZA new brand campaign claims ‘We do it, because we care’

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Following the brand repositioning campaign entitled 'Because we care', which took place at the end of 2021, ASCENZA continues its path towards brand consolidation and launches a new corporate campaign under the creative headline: 'We do it, because we care'.

Running in 7 countries simultaneously - Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Italy, Romania, Brazil, and Mexico, the campaign makes tangible the reasons why ASCENZA assumes itself as a brand that cares for PLANTS, PEOPLE, and the PLANET. The contents are customized to each market, although the campaign is global.

“In this new campaign of the ASCENZA brand, we aim to expose with real evidence what makes us claim that we take care. To do so, the campaign is built on the communication of new projects, sustainability metrics, the product portfolio, internal capabilities, and testimonials from real brand customers. It's a real campaign, such as the daily care we take for Plants, People, and the Planet," says Rui Correia, ASCENZA's Central Marketing Director.

This new content will be present essentially in the digital channels.

With more than 50 years of activity, and present in 10 countries, ASCENZA will continue investing to respond to farmers’ challenges and improve agricultural sustainability, in a shared commitment involving the Rovensa Group, of which it is part.

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