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We take care of Plants, People, and the Planet. Therefore, we also take care of water.

We take care of Plants, People, and the Planet. Therefore, we also take care of water.

Carmen MontesMarketing Manager
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Last November 16, in Albacete, ASCENZA Spain held one more ASCENZA TALKS event, this time focused on the Almond.

During the first part of the event, which was attended by technicians from all over Spain, the company presented its new Almond Catalogue.

In the second part, the sustainability campaign was disclosed, under the motto "Because We Care", which includes awareness and knowledge transfer material, through events and training actions on the implementation of sustainable strategies.

As guest speaker at the conference, Joan Girona, researcher from the IRTA research program "Efficient Use of Water in Agriculture", explained the relationship between production and water needs at the different stages of almond cropping, with the aim of making almond farms more profitable through the efficient use of water. Joan Girona closed his session saying, "in a world where producing a simple apple requires 70 litres of water or where a person uses 3,500 litres of water in a day, it is vital to use this vital resource as efficiently as possible".

Carlos Serrano, responsible for ASCENZA's Sustainability area, addressed the agricultural practices necessary to guarantee the availability of clean water. According to the ASCENZA technician, "the phytosanitary contamination of water sources can be avoided in 80 to 90% of cases by conducting proper agricultural practices".

ASCENZA's Sustainability Department, in partnership with the Department of Agricultural Mechanisation of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, has presented a cycle of different training courses on good farming practices that will include equipment calibration techniques to minimize drift. These trainings are complemented by the training given in May 2022 by Dr. Miguel Ángel Gómez Tenorio, Researcher at the University of Almería, regarding the implementation of covers crops and other structures in olive and almond groves, which aim to minimise pollution due to runoff events.

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