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Let us introduce you Blexia

Let us introduce you Blexia


These new family products are addressing the needs of customers, growers, and stakeholders to contribute to the global food supplies, once we’re in presence of innovative products used as part of integrated disease and pest-management systems to help ensure low environmental impact maintaining crops yields.

Today in EU, where regulations are increasingly restrictive, our integrated solutions - conventional combined with Bio Protection products are crucial to ensure that we are compliant and offering solutions that go towards customer needs for low residues, low environmental impact and overcome regulatory restrictions. And this portfolio will help us to rejuvenate our offer and increase our portfolio differentiation.

Finally, we highlight the benefits of Blexia’s the Bio Protection products: Ideal for resistance management; Allow chemical load reduction of traditional crop protection products; 100% natural or circular; Safe to users and environment; No MRL’s or compliant with low residue programmes; Fit food chain requests for sustainability; IPM compatible for crop programmes.

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