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We Do It Because We Care

We Do It Because We Care


WE DO IT, BECAUSE WE CARE is the motto for the new stage of the ASCENZA campaign under the signature Because We Care, in which we reveal how we effectively take care of PLANTS, PEOPLE and the PLANET.

Between April and July 2022, we are thus giving higher visibility to ASCENZA, as a knowledgeable and innovative brand in the sector, through the PLANTS pillar, strengthening the positioning of proximity with farmers, customers, employees, and other stakeholders, through the PEOPLE pillar and promoting our commitments in the sustainability sphere, through the PLANET pillar.


- Of PLANTS, because we combine conventional solutions with bio-protection products, since we have been investing in the development of a balanced portfolio as well as we have guided our growth by innovation.

- Of PEOPLE, as we position ourselves on the market through a geographical footprint spread over 10 countries, across the European and American continents, because we know how to put ourselves in our customers' and distributors' shoes, but also because we promote the safe use of our products to everyone.

- And of the PLANET, considering that we are committed to developing innovative environmental projects which contribute to positioning the brand as an entity which knows how to give back to the planet.

In line with this way of taking care is the Blexia by Ascenza brand - a range of products, launched in the last quarter of 2021, which has complemented and diversified the current portfolio, which now integrates conventional and biological crop protection solutions.

Among the main features of the Blexia portfolio is the fact that it is a 100% natural or circular solution, ideal for resistance management, which meets the needs of low-waste programs and complies with high standards of environmental and user safety, in line with the requirements of the food chain for a more sustainable production. All of this is achieved without compromising crop quality and profitability.

This is how we see ourselves. As a brand that knows how to take care of PLANTS, PEOPLE, and the PLANET. This is what we do: WE TAKE CARE.

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