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Blexia | Bioprotection by ASCENZA

15 SEP 2021Blexia is ASCENZA's latest brand entirely dedicated to Bio Protection products. These products will help farmers controlling pests and diseases through solutions based on botanical extracts and microorganisms.


ASCENZA | Because We Care

30 SEP 2021A Care that comes from within. We know how to protect and care for Plants, People, and the Planet. And now, more than ever, our brand signature becomes even more meaningful: Farming Your Future.

ASCENZA has changed

14 SEP 2021Society has changed and ASCENZA has changed too.

ASCENZA Corporate Video

01 SEP 2021Farming Your Future since 1965. Our mission is to help feeding the world population using healthy and safe solutions, enabling balanced and sustainable agriculture.

ASCENZA Creative Concept

01 SEP 2021We have inspired ourselves in the archetypal Mediterranean cork oak tree, that is a symbol of resilience, longevity and capacity for renewal, choosing this tree to illustrate our history and our logo.

Sustainable Farming

Farm to Fork | Introduction

08 MAR 2022The European Union has launched the Farm to Fork strategy with the aim of achieving a healthier and more sustainable food system. With this initiative, the EU wants to redesign our food systems which today account for nearly one-third of global GHG emissions. ASCENZA also embraces these challenges, every day. #ascenza #farmingyourfuture #farmtofork #sustainablefarming

Farm to Fork | Circular bio-based economy

08 MAR 2022The European Green Deal sets out how to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. This agreement, maps out a new, more sustainable and inclusive growth strategy to boost the economy and improve people's health and their life quality, while taking care of the environment. The Farm to Fork Strategy is at the heart of the Green Deal and addresses the challenges of sustainable food systems, while recognising the intrinsic links between healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy planet. ASCENZA is fully committed to this mission. Join us on this journey that will make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050.#ascenza #farmingyourfuture #becausewecare #farmtofork #greendeal #europeanunion

Farm to Fork | Chemical Pesticides

08 MAR 2022The United Nations "Farm to Fork" strategy aims to achieve a sustainable food system, with environmental, health and social benefits, that offers economic earnings while ensures a sustainable pathway for all stakeholders in the global food value chain. Today ASCENZA presents you the chemical pesticides chapter

Farm to Fork |The Excess of Nutrients

08 MAR 2022The use of nutrients is seen as an important factor to address the major challenges of feeding a growing world population and the European Commission aims to reduce the nutrients losses by at least 50%.

Well Balanced Portfolio


12 MAY 2022DEFLEXO is the solution for pre-emergence in corn. This product is known for its FLEXIBILITY (allows pre and early post emergence applications), RESIDUAL ACTIVITY (long lasting control of weeds) and EFFICACY (on a broad range of weeds, including the difficult ones).


12 MAY 2022The ACTLET family is a step forward in crop protection. A range of products featuring tailor made solutions to meet customer needs, top-quality and innovative formulations and compliance with market requirements. Reliability, innovation and sustainability are its key words.


21 JAN 2022Prevatect is a physical barrier and plant defense activation in vegetable and grapes.


21 JAN 2022Farming is changing as consumer change, we have started to work on this solution: Valesco, urtica spp extract to control sucking pests and mitesin fruits and vegetables.

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