ASCENZA Worldwide



Blexia | Bioprotection by ASCENZA

15 SEP 2021Blexia is ASCENZA's latest brand entirely dedicated to Bio Protection products. These products will help farmers controlling pests and diseases through solutions based on botanical extracts and microorganisms.


ASCENZA | Because We Care

30 SEP 2021A Care that comes from within. We know how to protect and care for Plants, People, and the Planet. And now, more than ever, our brand signature becomes even more meaningful: Farming Your Future.

ASCENZA has changed

14 SEP 2021Society has changed and ASCENZA has changed too.

ASCENZA Corporate Video

01 SEP 2021Farming Your Future since 1965. Our mission is to help feeding the world population using healthy and safe solutions, enabling balanced and sustainable agriculture.

ASCENZA Creative Concept

01 SEP 2021We have inspired ourselves in the archetypal Mediterranean cork oak tree, that is a symbol of resilience, longevity and capacity for renewal, choosing this tree to illustrate our history and our logo.

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